danh bida online - Pho Ga - The 5 Best Places To Enjoy Hanoi Noodle With Chicken

Pho is dearly considered as one of Vietnamese best foods with its unmistakable taste, which is famous over the globe. Come in a Pho stall and order a hot bowl of Pho , add some lemon drops and some slices of pepper, you could make your tummy fully satisfied! A lot of gourmets would choose beef rice noodle but many others say that making delicious chicken rice noodle is much more difficult. Let’s spend some time to explore five famous chicken rice noodle stalls below and take one right after finishing your read.

Pho Ban- Ton Duc Thang

This Pho resto is located on a very busy street but people can hardly pass it by without noticing. The stall has a large façade with a glass cabinet which always displays many shiny boiled chickens with attractive yellow skin. Pho Ban is special in a way that chickens are served as chop instead of boneless pieces. The meat is boiled till it reaches an enough doneness, not chewy or loose, and retain a crispy texture of the skin. The broth is pure and not greasy, bringing out the fragrance of grilled ginger and shallots that not many other Pho places can match.
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Quan Thanh

Pho Ga Quan Thanh is tiny by its look, sitting on a quiet corner of Quan Thanh street and overlooking Hang Dau garden. The place is probably the cheapest you can find in Hanoi, starting from only 25,000 for a hearty steamy soup bowl. Chicken rice noodle here has the gentle sweetness without using any artificial additives. The broth is cooked solely by chicken bones simmered in water and seasoned for hours. If you are a fan of delicate flavors, this version of chicken noodle is a just right for you. The mouthwatering blend will give a lasting memory, from the first spoon of broth you taste till you finish the whole bowl.
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Hang Hom

As the city goes dark at 6pm, you will find a series of Pho Ga places cropping up along the 120m-long Hang Hom street. Located right at the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, these places are quite convenient for wanderers to make a quick dinner stop. The broth is quite delicious and tasty as well. The chicken meat is nice with thick and crispy skin and the texture is chewy enough. A plus point for Hang Hom chicken noodle is that they have other additional dishes to enjoy besides Pho, such as chicken salad, chicken congee or chicken with stick rice. Despite its prime location, the price for a bowl of pho ga at Hang Hom is very reasonable, starting from 30,000 per bowl, explaining the long lines at all the vendors.
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Pho Lam- Nam Ngu

Pho Lam is famous for its tasty broth with the deliciously buttery taste of chicken fat. The chicken meat in a bowl of pho is mixed between fillet meat and thigh meat as well. These two kinds of meat are both delectable as the ingredient selecting process of the stall has to meet rigorous requirements: chickens are raised organically, offering thick and firm meat, with crispy yet chewy skin.

Pho Ga Yet Kieu

Pho Ga Yet Kieu is located at the T-junction of Yet Kieu street and Thien Quang street. The venfor is famous for its pho ga and mien ga, both of which utilizes the same clear savory broth made exclusively from chicken bones. Chilli sauce, lemon pieces and pepper are placed on every table for guests to adjust their own appetite.

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